Echoes of Another Time

Echoes of Another Time
Moira Nelson
(harp, voice, piano, guitar)

Elena Jubinville
(cello, voice, guitar, flutes).

Track List

1.  The Water is Wide (3:57)
water is wide
2.  Blow the Candles Out (2:13)
3.  The Shoals of Herring (1:57)
4.  Jock O'Hazeldean (3:52)
5.  The Minstrel Boy/Johnny has Gone for a Soldier (3:35)
6.  Plaisir D'Amour (3:43)
7.  Wild Mountain Thyme (2:15)
8.  Through the Looking Glass (3:54)
through the looking glass
9.  Early One Morning (2:36)
10.  The Willow Tree (1:32)
willow tree
11.  Road to the Isles (3:14)road to the isles
12.  The Log Driver's Waltz (2:38)
13.  Lark in the Cleat Air (2:57)
14.  The Cuckoo (1:39)
15.  The Parson's Farewell (2:11)
16.  Carrickfergus (4:38)
17.  Rogues in a Nation (2:38)

Included are some of the talented duo's most requested Celtic and Traditional favourites
 from the British Isles and Canada.
This CD also introduces Moira's latest original harp solo, "Through the Looking Glass".
  The album brings to mind folk music from a classical perspective,
 as it might have been performed
in Victorian times  -  a kind of Celtic Victoriana. 

The enchanting melodies will echo in your mind, transporting you to another time and place.

It's official, "Echoes of Another Time" is now available for order.

For information about ways to purchase this or other CD's
Please contact Moira Nelson.


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