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Moira shares an intuitive musical rapport with accompanist,

Elena Jubinville (cello, voice, electric bass, recorder).

The two regularly delight audiences with their instrumentals

and a cappella vocals in styles ranging from classical to Celtic.

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Moira Nelson Trio

                                        Celtic and Classical to Jazz and Beyond
                                        Moira Nelson (harp, voice, piano, guitar)
                                        Elena Jubinville (cello, voice, guitar)
                                        Laura Savage (percussion)

From solo instrumentals to a cappella harmonies, original compositions to traditional favourites, this unique and versatile ensemble blends an intriguing variety of styles from Celtic to classical, Bach to blues.

A Cappella quartet

Moira Nelson (soprano), Elena Jubinville (alto),

Douglas Hicton (tenor) and James King (bass)

form this dynamic and versatile a cappella quartet

with a repertoire that includes traditional, classical,

Celtic and original selections.




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(416) 255-5109 or (416) 554-7109 (mobile)