After the Fall

By Moira Nelson

"As the first measures played, I became immersed in the skillful and articulate melding of sounds and textures in Moira Nelson's new CD "After the Fall." This recording features mostly Moira's original works, with vocals accompanied by harp, guitar, cello, flutes and a little percussion. There are two traditional English pieces as well.

The more I listened, the more I was drawn into how well wrought the instrumentals unfolded. These musicians truly know how to craft a cohesive song. Moira's skills are equally poignant in her lyrics. Nelson's vocals were expressive and mutable, very well matched with melodic journeys throughout her pieces.

Moira's collection of tunes can't be categorized into a particular style or genre. She demonstrates her prowess and depth as both musician (on harp and guitar) and poet. She and her fellow musicians, Elena Jubinville on cello, Kathryn Moses on flutes, and Rick Shadrach Lazar on percussion, spin their craft seamlessly and with sensitivity. I look forward to Moira's future works."

"With titles like "Dream", "The Enchantress of the Wood" and "Moonfyre" (played on an Enchantress harp, no less), one definitely gets a sense of some mystical faery glen in an enchanted wood. The arranging for both instruments and voices is creative and multi-layered."


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Time Calls My Name

By Moira Nelson


"Nelson uses her versatile voice to present a variety of musical styles ranging from Jazz and folk to traditional ballads. She accompanies herself on all instruments which includes fine work on guitar and piano. Pleasing and easy to listen to, her music shows potential for greater artistic achievement."

         Steve Pecar, "The Mississauga News"

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